The Keen Family
"Bristol is a premier location for job creation and economic development. Additionally, our quality of life for citizens young and old is unparalleled. I will work hard to continue to foster an environment for job growth and will work to make sure to protect our east Tennessee values."

Chad Keen is a life long resident of Bristol. He earned his BA in Business Administration from King University. He and his wife, Kathy, have been married 27 years, and their family is pictured above: Andrew, Ashton, Nicholas and Brandon. The Keens attend Highlands Fellowship Church.

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Keen on the Issues. Delivering Results.


Sullivan County has nearly 2000 jobs available NOW, I know how to reduce barriers and make our community as attractive as possible for businesses to locate, expand and hire.


As a small business owner, councilman, and family man I have had to live within budgets. I will work vigorously to make government more efficient and effective so that it works better for you, the tax payer to lessen your tax burden.


Bristol students are some of the best in the state. Our teachers and students deserve most of the credit. We, from a policy standpoint, must continue to hold high standards and expectations while giving our school systems and parents the tools they need.


It's simple. I believe, that medical decisions about your health and well being should be made by doctors and other medical providers, not a government agency.

Life-2nd Amendment-Religious Liberty

I will wholeheartedly protect and defend your rights.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is early voting?

Early voting for the May 16th elections begins April 26th at the Sullivan County Election Office in Blountville. Early voting at all locations ends on May 11th.

Where do I vote?

On Election Day voters must vote at their designated polling location. Polling locations for city elections are determined by a voter's precinct.
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Where can I register to vote?

You can download the Tennessee Voter Registration Application and mail it to the Sullivan County Election Commission, or you can register in person at one of these locations:

I'm going to be out of town on election day. How can I vote?

Voters who are not able to vote on election day will need to vote via one of two methods of absentee voting: in person (early voting) or by mail.

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